Results of Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns at WWE Wrestlemania 38

Brock Lesnar (WWE Champion) vs. Roman Reigns (Universal Champion) took place at WWE Wrestlemania 38 Sunday. Here are the highlights…

* Before the match, Reigns got on the mic and told Wrestlemania to acknowledge him.

* The ring announcer called Reigns vs. Lesnar “the biggest Wrestlemania match of all time.” Paul Heyman did the introduction for Reigns. Lesnar ended up doing his own introduction.

* The bell rang and the two had an intense staredown. Lesnar took off his gloves and went right after Reigns. Reigns tried to fight back but was hit by Lesnar with multiple suplexes. Lesnar then clotheslined Reigns out of the ring.

* Lesnar went towards Heyman on the outside. Heyman said he loved Lesnar but the distraction allowed Reigns to spear Lesnar through the barricade. Lesnar barely got back into the ring by the count of 10 and Reigns hit a spear but Lesnar kicked out.

* Reigns hit multiple superman punches. Lesnar was laughing and then took Reigns to suplex city. Reigns recovered and hit another superman punch. Reigns went for the spear but got hit with an F5. Reigns was able to kick out and the match continued.

* Reigns ended up spearing Lesnar into the referee. Reigns hit a low blow with the referee down. Reigns got the Universal Title from Heyman and hit Lesnar before the referee recovered. Lesnar managed to kick out.

* Reigns went for another spear but Lesnar got the Kimura lock on. Reigns got to the rope but told Heyman that his shoulder was out. Reigns escaped the F5 and hit another spear to become the Unified Champion. The match went just over 12 minutes.