Results of O’Reilly vs. Cole from WWE NXT Takeover: Stand and Deliver

Unsanctioned match
Kyle O’Reilly vs. Adam Cole

* There were “security guards” that came into the ring as O’Reilly and Cole made their entrances. Both O’Reilly and Cole came out to new theme music.

* A hockey fight started right away and the referee was wearing black street clothes. The ring ropes had also been changed to black for the match. The match quickly went to the outside and they took turns sending each other into the barricades. Cole used a chair on O’Reilly that had an Undisputed Era logo on it.

* Cole went after O’Reilly’s neck and hit a neckbreaker to the knee for a nearfall. Cole started trash talking O’Reilly at this point and O’Reilly got fired up. O’Reilly did a dropkick off the apron onto Cole who had been sitting in a chair.

* O’Reilly introduced a steel chain into the match but Cole ended up giving O’Reilly a neckbreaker onto the chain. Cole then put on a figure four using the chain for leverage but O’Reilly was able to reverse the hold. Cole clotheslined O’Reilly with the chain and then got another nearfall. Cole hit a shining wizard on O’Reilly, who was sitting in a chair, for another nearfall.

* The two ended up back on the outside and O’Reilly suplexed Cole on the announce table but it didn’t break. Cole recovered and hit O’Reilly with a television monitor.

* Cole introduced a toolbox into the match. O’Reilly was able to put on a submission using the chair but Cole broke out by hitting O’Reilly with a tire iron. Both men climbed into chairs as the crowd chanted “both these guys” and then the two of them traded blows. Cole hit a low blow to gain the upper hand. but O’Reilly was able to kick out of a superkick.

* Cole punched out the referee and hit the Panama Sunrise. However, the referee was still down and couldn’t count the fall. The fight went back to the outside of the ring without a referee. On the ramp, O’Reilly got a submission on Cole but Cole slammed O’Reilly down and both went through the ramp platform.

* Back at ringside, Cole gave O’Reilly a suplex onto the steel steps. Cole got O’Reilly back in the ring and went for the cover. However, O’Reilly barely managed to get a shoulder up and the count was stopped. Cole missed a last shot knee strike and got a leg submission on Cole. Cole broke out by hitting O’Reilly with a chain. O’Reilly was able to counter the Panama Sunrise and hit a last shot on Cole but Cole kicked out. Cole was going to finish off O’Reilly but O’Reilly hit a low blow as revenge for earlier. O’Reilly wrapped the chain around his leg and hit a diving knee strike off the top rope onto Cole. Cole also crashed into a chair and O’Reilly pinned Cole to win the match. Cole was placed on a stretcher after the match.