Results of NXT North American title match at WWE NXT Stand and Deliver 2022

Carmelo Hayes (c) vs. Santos Escobar vs. Grayson Waller vs. Solo Sikoa vs. Cameron Grimes in a ladder match for the NXT North American title took place during the WWE NXT Stand and Deliver 2022 PLE in Dallas, Texas. Here were the highlights…

* Trick Williams pulled Hayes to the outside of the ring in the early moments. Saurav Gurjar and Legado Del Fantasma were also at ringside and were getting involved in the match.

* Everyone took turns with dives to the outside. Waller teased doing a dive but tried to climb up a ladder instead.

* Escobar attempted to climb a ladder but was hit with a cutter by Waller. Hayes then hit a springboard clothesline to stop Waller from climbing the ladder.

* Escobar came off the ladder with a sunset flip powerbomb to Sikoa onto a ladder that was in the corner.

* The non-participants continued to get involved. Gurjar destroyed one of the ladders and Elektra Lopez hit a dive to the outside. Williams climbed the ladder but Grimes tipped it over and Williams fell to the outside onto various participants.

* Hayes and Waller were both on the ladder and traded blows. All five participants ended up on ladders while trying to get the title. Everyone but Waller was knocked down. Escobar climbed back up and took Waller off the ladder with a hurricanrana. Sikoa then hit Escobar with a frogsplash..

* Grimes and Hayes were laid out onto two ladder bridges outside of the ring. Waller climbed an outside ladder and went for a big elbow. However, he missed and crashed through the ladder below.

* Back in the ring, Graves came off the top with a cave-in to Escobar. He then climbed up the ladder to grab the title and became the new champion.