Results of Miro vs. Powerhouse Hobbs at AEW All Out 2023 (CJ Perry debuts)

Miro vs. Powerhouse Hobbs took place at AEW All Out 2023. Here are the highlights…

* The two locked up before the bell rang and tried to out-power each other. Miro changed his strategy and used agility to gain the upper hand. Hobbs then took control and suplexed Miro multiple times.

* The two went to the outside and Miro came off the apron with a somersault dive to Hobbs. Miro sent Hobbs into the apron and barricade before sending him back into the ring.

* The two traded strikes and the crowd yelled “meat” at each blow. Miro used Sheamus’ 10 beats and the crowd kept the “meat” chants going. Miro hit a kick to Hobbs but Hobbs didn’t go down. Hobbs avoided another kick and delivered a powerslam but Miro kicked out. The crowd started a “meat forever” chant.

* Miro applied the game over submission but Hobbs powered his way out. Hobbs hit the spinebuster but Miro kicked out. Miro recovered and applied the game over again to pick up the win.

* The two shook hands after the match but then Hobbs attacked Miro from behind. CJ Perry, formerly Lane, came to the ring and hit Hobbs with a chair. He didn’t sell it and when she tried again, Hobbs took it away. However, Miro was able to get the chair and hit Hobbs with it. Miro appeared upset with his wife being there and left the ring by himself.