Results of Mansoor vs. Mustafa Ali at WWE Crown Jewel 2021

Mansoor vs. Mustafa Ali

* Mansoor got a big pop for his entrance from his hometown fans. Mansoor had a hot start and Ali escaped to the outside. Ali yelled at the fans to shut up. Ali got back in the ring but escaped to the outside. Mansoor went to the outside and Ali gained the upper hand.

* Ali worked over Mansoor with a camel clutch and then hit a tornado DDT but Mansoor kicked out. Ali started trash talking and called Mansoor a loser/worthless. Mansoor got fired up and made a comeback. Ali tried to beg off but Mansoor continued his offense.

* Ali regained the upper hand and went for the 630 but missed. Mansoor hit moonsault but delayed with the cover because of his neck. Ali kicked out and put a submission on Mansoor. Mansoor acted like he was going to pass out but did make it to the rope.

* Ali went for a 450 but missed and Mansoor hit a neckbreaker to pick up the win. Ali attacked Mansoor after the match but then a man dressed in white came to the ring. The man revealed himself as Karate Olympic silver medalist Tareg Hamedi and he took out Ali with a kick. Hamedi celebrated with Mansoor afterwards.