Results of Edge vs. Seth Rollins Hell in a Cell at WWE Crown Jewel 2021

Hell in a Cell
Edge vs. Seth Rollins

* Edge had a hot start as he went right after Rollins when the bell rang. Rollins went for a suicide dive to the outside by Edge sidestepped Rollins and sent him face first into the cage. Edge started rubbing Rollins’ face into the cage. Edge broke off a piece of a chair and tried to use it but Rollins stopped him.

* Rollins had the upper hand for a while and used a steel chair on Edge as the crowd chanted “you suck” at Rollins. Rollins went for a conchairto but Edge was able to counter it. Edge put on a crossface but Rollins used the chair piece into the eye of Edge. Rollins hit a frogsplash but Edge kicked out. Rollins then hit an unprettier but Edge kicked out again. Rollins went up to the top but Edge pushed Rollins off, causing Edge to crash into the cage and then fall though a table that was set up below.

* Edge brought the steel steps into the match and hit an edgeomatic onto them. Edge then did a flying elbow using the chair which was a callback to Mick Foley but Rollins kicked out.

* Rollins came back and hit a pedigree but Edge kicked out. Edge gave Rollins a buckle bomb followed by a spear but Rollins kicked out. The crowd erupted in a “this is awesome” chant.

* Edge introduced a ladder into the match but Rollins reversed Edge into the ladder. Rollins laid out Edge on a table and climbed the ladder. Edge climbed up to catch Rollins but Rollins was able to hit a sunset flip powerbomb through the table. However, Edge was able to kick out.

* Rollins hit several superkicks and then grabbed a steel chain out of a bag. Rollins wrapped the chain around his boot as he prepared for the curb stomp. Rollins said “this is how your fairy tale ends” and went for the stomp but Edge used a chair to counter.

* Edge hit Rollins with superkicks and then started choking Rollins with the chair. Edge then put on the crossface with a wrench but let go of the hold. Edge put a chair under Rollins’ head and delivered a curb stomp to pick up the victory.

* A battered Edge slowly rose to his feet and celebrated with fans as fireworks went off.