Results of Lucha Brothers vs. FTR at AEW Full Gear 2021

Lucha Brothers (Penta El Zero Miedo & Rey Fénix) (c) vs. FTR (Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler) for the AEW tag team titles

* The two teams started brawling right when the bell rang. Lucha Brothers got the upper hand but FTR escaped to the outside. Lucha Brothers went to the outside but FTR were able to gain the upper hand. Lucha Brothers worked together to regain control and used stereo submissions on FTR at one point.

* Tully Blanchard helped FTR get back into the match. Wheeler tied Penta’s mask to the bottom rope and Harwood took advantage. Fenix eventually got a hot tag and hit a double cutter on both members of FTR.

* Wheeler hit Fenix with the AAA belt when the referee wasn’t looking but Fenix was still able to kick out of Harwood’s pinfall attempt.

* Penta tagged back in but Blanchard grabbed Penta’s foot. Harwood went for the three amigos but Penta countered and showed Harwood how it was done as the crowd erupted in “Eddie” chants. Fenix hit a frogsplash but Harwood kicked out.

* FTR came back with a spiked piledriver but Fenix kicked out. Wheeler put on a Superranas mask and tried to make a pinfall with his feet on the ropes but was caught by the referee. Lucha Brothers then took down Wheeler and scored the pinfall victory.