Results of Darby Allin vs. MJF at AEW Full Gear 2021

Darby Allin with Sting vs. MJF

* Before the match, there was a video of Darby Allin crashing a car with a person inside that was wearing a MJF mask. Darby then set the car on fire.

* Sting walked out to the stage with Darby but then went to the back.

* The two traded nearfalls in the early moments of the match as there were dueling chants for both guys. MJF took a cheap shot to gain the upper hand. MJF got distracted by a fan outside the ring and Darby took advantage with a dive. MJF was on the apron and Darby went for a coffin drop but missed.

* MJF worked over Darby but Darby kept popping back up. MJF used a thumb to the eye and then put on a sharpshooter/scorpion death lock. Darby escaped and went after MJF’s knee which was hurt earlier in the match. Darby put on a figure four but MJF was able to get to the rope.

* MJF hit Darby with a tombstone on the apron and both fell to the outside but were able to get back into the ring before the 10 count. There were more nearfalls traded between the two of them and the fans gave them a standing ovation.

* MJF rolled to the outside and Darby hit him with a coffin drop. Shawn Spears and Wardlow arrived but Sting took them out with a bat and Spears’ chair.

* MJF grabbed Darby’s skateboard and dared Darby to use it. Darby didn’t use the skateboard but MJF used the Dynamite diamond ring as the referee was taking the skateboard to the outside. MJF then scored the pinfall victory with a side headlock in a match that went over 20 minutes.