Results of Edge vs. Seth Rollins at WWE Summerslam 2021

Edge vs. Seth Rollins

* The first part of Edge’s entrance was using the Brood music, fire, and lighting. Edge had his normal music for the second part of the entrance.

* Rollins got frustrated in the early part of the match and was almost counted out. The two fought on the outside and Rollins drove Edge’s head repeatedly into the steel steps. Rollins hit a frogsplash for a nearfall on Edge.

* Both ended up on the top rope and Edge hit a super neck-breaker but was unable to make the cover. Edge then got a nearfall with the Edge-cution.

* Rollins came back with the superplex into the falcon arrow for a nearfall. Rollins missed the stomp and then attempted the pedigree but Edge was able to counter. Rollins attempted the stomp on the apron but missed and Edge speared Rollins to the outside of the ring.

* Edge went for the spear but Rollins turned the attempt into a pedigree. However, Edge was able to kick out. Rollins missed a corkscrew moonsault and Edge hit the spear but Rollins kicked out.

* Edge countered the stomp again and got the Edgeucator on. Rollins got out and Edge put on the crossface. Rollins broke out but Edge repeatedly smashed Rollins’ face into the mat. Edge put on the sleeper and Rollins tapped out.