Results of Edge vs. Finn Balor (Hell in a Cell) at WWE Wrestlemania 39

Edge vs. Finn Balor in a Hell in a Cell match took place at WWE Wrestlemania 39 Sunday. Here are the highlights…

* Edge made his entrance with a mask as “Brood Edge” to the song South of Heaven by Slayer. Finn Balor made his demon entrance with his old theme music.

* The two exchanged strikes and then both went to the outside to grab weapons. They fought on the outside and Balor drove Edge’s face into the cage. Edge recovered and threw Balor into the cage. Edge trapped Balor in the cage with kendo sticks and then delivered a dropkick from the apron. Edge brought out a table from under the ring.

* The fight resumed in the ring. Edge used Gangrel’s Impaler DDT but Balor quickly regained the upper hand. Back on the outside, Balor dropkicked Edge into the table that Edge set up.

* Edge grabbed a ladder and threw it at Balor. Balor was busted open and officials came in the cage to check on him. The match was briefly paused and then resumed.

* Edge went for a spear but Balor moved and Edge went into the ladder. Balor then hit the Coup De Grace but Edge kicked out. Both climbed the ladder and Edge hit an Impaler DDT but Balor kicked out. Edge pulled out another table from under the ring.

* Balor laid out Edge on the table and climbed up the wall of the cell. He jumped off for Coup De Grace but Edge moved and Balor crashed through the table. Edge hit a spear but Balor kicked out.

* Edge attacked Balor with multiple chair shots. Edge then delivered the conchairto and scored the pinfall victory.