Results of Cody Rhodes and Pac vs. Malakai Black and Andrade at AEW Full Gear 2021

Cody Rhodes and Pac vs. Malakai Black and Andrade El Idolo

* Pac started the match but Cody tagged himself in and then Pac tagged himself back in. Excalibur questioned if Cody and Pac would be able to co-exist.

* Black and Andrade got the upper hand but they started having issues as well. Cody tagged himself back in and hit a cutter on Black. Pac tagged himself back in and Rhodes got hit with a black mass.

* Arn Anderson took out Andrade’s assistant Jose but Andrade and Black continued to work over Pac. Cody eventually got the hot tag but the crowd was booing him. Cody hit a reverse DDT off the top but didn’t make the cover right away and Andrade kicked out.

* Cody put Andrade in the figure four and Pac hit a 450 but Andrade was able to grab the rope. Pac went for a dive to the outside but Black pulled Cody in front of him and Cody was hit.

* Cody and Black went over the barricade and Pac hit the black arrow to pin Andrade. FTR ran down after the match and attacked Pac/Cody.