Results of Britt Baker vs. Tay Conti at AEW Full Gear 2021

Britt Baker (c) vs. Tay Conti for the AEW women’s title

* Rich Ward of Fozzy played guitar for Britt Baker’s entrance.

* Both tried to get their finishers on early and there was a standoff.

* Conti built up some momentum but was unable to put away Baker. The two traded blows and Conti hit a German suplex but Baker kicked out.

* Baker got back into the match and hit a stomp but Conti kicked out. Baker got her glove for the lockjaw on but Conti was able to hit a stunner. The two ended up on the apron and Baker hit Conti with an air raid crash on the apron.

* Back in the ring, Baker put on the lockjaw but Conti got the rope. Conti hit the Tay KO but Baker kicked out. Conti hit a piledriver but Baker kicked out again. Rebel got on the apron and Jamie Hayter attacked Conti. Baker hit a stomp on the steel steps and then hit another stomp in the ring. Baker got the lockjaw on but Conti escaped again.

* Baker was on the outside of the ring and Conti hit a moonsault to Rebel and Jamie on the outside. Back in the ring, Conti hit the DDTay but Baker kicked out once again.

* Baker managed to counter a pinfall attempt with a pin of her own and retained the title.