Results of Christian Cage vs. Jungle Boy at AEW Revolution 2023

Christian Cage vs. Jungle Boy in a final burial match took place at AEW Revolution 2023. Here are the highlights…

* The rules were similar to a casket match where you have to put your opponent in a casket and shut the door.

* The two engaged in a hockey fight right when the bell rang. Christian quickly tried to escape through the crowd but Jungle Boy caught up with him. Jungle Boy threw a drink at Christian and the two brawled back into the ring. Christian gained control of the match when he took Jungle Boy’s belt and whipped him with it.

* The fight ended up going up to the stage by the casket. Christian pulled out chairs that had been placed inside the casket but Jungle Boy fought back. Christian was sent off the stage and Jungle Boy hit Christian with a running dive.

* Christian was busted open and pleaded with Jungle Boy but then hit a low blow. Christian hit a killswitch and then went for the conchairto but Jungle Boy avoided it. Christian tried to hit Jungle boy with a shovel but missed. Jungle Boy then applied the snare trap while holding the shovel.

* Jungle Boy set up Christian for the conchairto and hit the move. Christian was placed in the casket and Jungle Boy shut the door to win the match.