Results of Christian Cage vs. Adam Copeland at AEW Worlds End 2023 PPV

Christian Cage vs. Adam Copeland for the TNT title took place at the 2023 AEW Worlds End PPV event. Here are the highlights…

* It was noted that Copeland was wearing his vest from his WWE Wrestlemania 22 match against Mick Foley although WWE was not actually mentioned.

* Since this was a NoDQ match, Copeland ran up the stage and attacked Christian during Christian’s entrance. Copeland got Christian in the ring and used his ring jacket to choke Christian. Christian tried to escape through the crowd but Copeland went after him.

* Nick Wayne tried to interfere but Copeland took him down. Copeland then dived from an arena wall onto both Christian and Wayne.

* Back in the ring, Copeland went for a spear but missed and hit the ring post to give Christian the advantage. Copeland was sent into the steps and was bleeding near his eye. Christian applied a chair-assisted Boston crab and then tried to use a metal rod but missed. Copeland used the rod to apply a crossface but Christian managed to escape.

* A ladder was brought into the ring. Both climbed and Christian gave Copeland a sunset flip powerbomb but Copeland kicked out. Christian and Wayne set up tables on the outside of the ring and the crowd chanted “we want fire.”

* Copeland regained control and went for a conchairto but Wayne stopped it from happening. A table was set up in the ring and Christian went for a spear but missed. Copeland threw a chair at Christian and then speared him through the table. Copeland went for the cover but Shayna Wayne pulled the referee out of the ring. Copeland had words with her and then Wayne hit Copeland with the TNT title from behind.

* Back in the ring, Christian hit a Killswitch but Copeland kicked out. Christian and Wayne set the table on fire and the crowd started a “holy shit” chant. Copeland spared Christian but the fire went out so Copeland re-lit the table and powerbombed Wayne onto it.

* Back in the ring, Christian tried to use the TNT title but Copeland gave him a low blow. Copeland then pinned Christian with the Killswitch to win the title.

* After the match, Killswitch attacked Copeland. Killswitch wanted to cash in his contract from the battle royal but Christian wanted it from him. Killswitch surrendered the contract and Christian signed it. A new match was started and Christian pinned Copeland to regain the title.