Results of Becky Lynch vs. Trish Stratus at WWE Night of Champions 2023

Becky Lynch vs. Trish Stratus took place at WWE Night of Champions 2023. Here are the highlights…

* Trish had “Thank You Trish” on the back of her ring outfit and Becky had an outfit inspired by the movie Kill Bill.

* Becky took down Trish with a right hand when the match started and stomped her in the corner. Trish slipped to the outside to regroup and when Becky went after her, Trish sent Becky into the steel steps.

* Back in the ring, Trish taunted the crowd and nearly defeated Becky with a tornado DDT. Trish worked over Becky for several minutes until Becky was able to make a comeback. Trish regained the upper hand on the outside when she sent Becky into the ring post.

* Becky was able to avoid Stratusfaction and started building momentum. Becky applied a Boston Crab but Trish got to the rope and slipped to the outside again. Back in the ring, Trish caught Becky with a chick kick but Becky kicked out.

* Becky applied the Disarm and Trish pulled at Becky’s hair to escape the hold. Becky hit the manhandle slam but Trish got her foot on the rope. While the referee was distracted, Zoey Stark attacked Becky and Trish was able to score the victory with the Strausfaction.

* Stark left with Trish.