Results of Anarchy in the Arena match at AEW Double or Nothing 2024

The Elite (Kazuchika Okada, Jack Perry, and The Young Bucks (Matthew Jackson and Nicholas Jackson)) vs. Team AEW (Bryan Danielson, Darby Allin, and FTR (Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood)) in an Anarchy in the Arena match took place at AEW Double or Nothing 2024. Here are the highlights…

* Justin Roberts introduced the match as “the sh*t show.” Team AEW jumped The Elite during Jack Perry’s entrance. Darby Allin ran to the ring while wearing a mask covered in thumbtacks. Darby’s music was playing but Matthew had it shut off and replaced with The Bucks’ music. Bryan Danielson had the music shut off and replaced with The Final Countdown.

* The fight went into the stands and Darby did a coffin drop off a platform onto several people. Matthew had The Final Countdown music cut since it was “200k” to use and they were on a budget. The crowd chanted “we want music!”

* Perry and Darby fought outside the arena. Perry put Darby in a pile of garbage and then crashed into it with a bus that had “scapegoat” written on it.

* Back in the ring, FTR gave Nicolas a spiked piledriver on the apron. FTR hit Power and Glory on Matthew but Okada broke it up. Okada took control for his team but then Darby limped back into the ring and fought with Okada. The Bucks ended up giving Darby a powerbomb onto four chairs that were set up. Darby was dragged to the backstage arena. Darby was placed on their entrance elevator and lowered down.

* The Bucks gave Bryan a TK driver on the poker chips prop by the stage. There was a “holy chip” chant and then the fight continued on the stage. Okada put Dax through a table and Nicolas put Cash through another table.

* Perry grabbed Tony Khan backstage and brought him to the ramp. Darby showed up with a flamethrower and set Perry on fire. The Bucks and officials quickly put out the fire.

* Back in the ring, Darby hit Okada with a coffin drop but the Bucks made the save. A cable was lowered from the ceiling and Darby’s feet were tied up. Dax tried to make the save but was hit with an exploding chair. Okada put on a glove with thumbtacks and gave Cash a rainmaker.

* Okada brought in Reebok shoes with thumbtacks on them. Darby was raised upside down and hit with dueling superkicks. Bryan then returned and made a comeback for his team. Bryan hit the running knee to Nicolas but Okada broke up the pin. Okada hit Bryan with a rainmaker and then the Bucks took out Bryan with an EVP trigger. Perry then returned and pinned Bryan with a running knee.