Results of Adam Copeland, Eddie Kingston & Mark Briscoe vs. House of Black at AEW Dynasty 2024

Adam Copeland, Eddie Kingston and Mark Briscoe vs. House of Black (Malakai Black, Buddy Matthews, and Brody King) took place at AEW Dynasty 2024. Here are the highlights…

* After Copeland built up early momentum, Black teased going after him but quickly tagged out to King. Copeland tagged out to Eddie who went at it with King. House of Black got the upper hand on Eddie for a few minutes. Briscoe tagged in and everyone started brawling on the outside. Briscoe used a chair on the apron to launch over the ring post onto Matthews. King then drove Briscoe into the ringside barricade.

* House of Black worked over Briscoe until Copeland got a hot tag. Copeland gave King a superplex and all six men were down. Copeland’s team all hit moves on King but Black broke up a pinfall attempt.

* Copeland’s team hit triple spears but Copeland struggled to make a cover. Black spit mist in Copeland’s face and then pinned him with his black mass spin kick.