Report on why Brock Lesnar isn’t returning to WWE for Summerslam 2021

As previously noted, Bill Goldberg is reportedly returning to WWE and will be facing Bobby Lashley at the 2021 Summerslam PPV. Fans recently speculated about Brock Lesnar being Lashley’s opponent but reports indicated that Lesnar was not in the plans for Summerslam.

Dave Meltzer of provided some more information on the situation with Lesnar. The belief is that Lesnar “isn’t going to come back for a number of shows right now” and he would have to lose if he was returning for just one match. Meltzer noted that people in WWE apparently want to keep Lesnar as strong as possible for a match against Roman Reigns down the line. Meltzer wrote the following…

“Those in the Reigns camp see Reigns vs. Lesnar with the [Paul] Heyman history as a big program not to be weakened by Lesnar doing a job or doing a non-finish with Lashley right now.”

Lesnar recently resurfaced in a YouTube video for the Bearded Butchers channel. Lesnar was seen sporting a ponytail and goatee in the video.