Report on why Bandido decided to sign with AEW instead of WWE

It was reported that following his performance against Chris Jericho at the September 28th 2022 edition of AEW Dynamite, Bandido was offered a full-time contract immediately. Bandido didn’t sign right away and had apparently gotten an offer from WWE as well.

Dave Meltzer of was able to confirm that Bandido has signed the AEW contract which is said to be a three-year deal. Meltzer explained why Bandido made the decision to go with the AEW offer…

“He realized he couldn’t sign with WWE because he’s got a child in Mexico and his significant other doesn’t want to move from Mexico and he doesn’t want to not see his child all the time. Working for WWE, where they’d want him in NXT at first, would require him to be based in Florida, and if/when he got to the main roster he’d be away from home far more than in AEW.”