How long Natalya is expected to be out of action due to dislocated nose injury

Earlier this week, Natalya wrote on Twitter that she suffered a dislocated nose and then revealed that she had a procedure done. In an update on Natalya’s status, Dave Meltzer of wrote that Natalya “will be out of action a minimum of three months and perhaps a little longer because they will be waiting for it to fully heal and this isn’t the three weeks back after ankle surgery she did a few years back to prove she could.” Despite the injury, Natalya was able to work the entire WWE European tour.

Natalya’s assistant Bob has now taken over her Twitter account as she recovers…

“This is Bob (Nattie’s assistant), and I’m back bitches! So glad Nattie hired me again because I’m not going to lie, I was just like her nose: broke. I really need the money. Anyway, I’ll be running this account while Ms Neidhart rests her nostrils.”