Report on MJF’s physical condition following the 2023 AEW Full Gear PPV event

As seen during the 2023 AEW Full Gear PPV event, MJF retained his world title against Jay White despite having a storyline injury. MJF executed several high risk moves during the match including an elbow drop onto White from the top rope to the floor.

In regards to MJF’s physical condition following the show, noted that he is “legitimately pretty beat up” from the match. The site wrote the following about MJF’s condition…

“According to sources, MJF hurt his hip when performing an elbow drop to the outside and had to have his hip popped back in after the match. He was also said to have banged up his shoulder when taking the top rope Uranagi. MJF is not expected to miss any TV time, but the current plan is for him to be featured in a non-wrestling capacity while healing up in time for AEW’s World’s End PPV.”

The World’s End PPV event takes place on December 30th in MJF’s home region of Long Island, NY.