Report: “Everything is cold” in regards to Gable Steveson’s WWE status

In October of 2021, Olympic gold medalist Gable Steveson was drafted to the WWE RAW brand. Back in March in 2022, Stevenson appeared on the The MMA Hour and said the following about his WWE plans…

“My exact start date is in the middle of April. They’re letting me finish school. They’re letting me do my thing. Monday Night RAW will come really soon, or shortly after that, but I’m planning on getting on TV and getting in the ring on TV really, really soon after Wrestlemania.”

Steveson appeared at Wrestlemania 38 but hasn’t been featured on television since. According to Dave Meltzer of, “everything is cold” regarding Steveson even though there were plans to “fast track” him to the main roster. Meltzer wrote that “his brother is doing great and they wanted to debut him some time ago, but it hasn’t happened because reviews on his training progress haven’t been good.” During Wrestling Observer Radio, Meltzer said it’s “probably a very bad sign” that there has been no mention of Steveson in months.