Austin Theory comments on his name change and what he learned from John Cena

Austin Theory did an interview with SHAK Wrestling and here are the highlights…

Having his first name back: “I love Theory. To me, Austin was always the throw-on, my first name. Theory is what I created in the backyard as a kid. I love it. Theory. It’s all we need.”

Growth of his character: “I’ve always made sure that I’ve every box checked, whether it’s the look, it’s the in-ring skills or the mic skills. But I do feel like, and everybody sees that, over time in most situations I’ve got to see my character in, it’s caused my character’s growth, I think.”

John Cena: “It’s so weird to meet somebody and pretty much have to explain to them, ‘I modeled my whole life after you.’ It’s one of those things as a kid getting bullied, my dad not being in my life a lot. Cena, I could watch him and just escape. It was the connection to his personality. And that’s something I learned from him. He told me, ‘Don’t ever think people go out there and want people to connect to their performance. Nobody will connect to your performance unless they connect to your personality.’ I started thinking, even with that process through NXT to finally being drafted to RAW officially, it was a time to figure stuff out. How can I connect to them with my personality? This is a world in WWE where everybody can kill it in the ring. Everyone can go hard in the ring. So what’s going to set you aside from killing it in the ring? I learned that from him.” (quotes courtesy of