Referee stops WWE Smackdown match between Carmelo Hayes and Austin Theory due to potential injuries

As seen during the January 12th 2023 edition of WWE Smackdown, NXT’s Carmelo Hayes had a match against Austin Theory.

At one point, Carmelo and Theory ended up in the corner and there was what appeared to be an avalanche Spanish Fly attempt but both landed awkwardly on the mat. The referee immediately went over to check on them. After a few moments, the referee held up the “X” sign and the match was stopped. A medical official then came in the ring to assist both men.

After Smackdown ended, WWE posted the following on Twitter/X…

“UPDATE: Following their match tonight on #SmackDown, @_Theory1 and @Carmelo_WWE were evaluated for injuries. They both suffered face contusions, and will both be okay.”

Carmelo also posted a GIF on Twitter/X of The Undertaker sitting up from inside a casket.

There was recently an incident on WWE RAW with a match being stopped due to Giovanni Vinci getting injured with what was reported to be a concussion.