Match on WWE RAW suddenly stopped due to Giovanni Vinci of Imperium getting hurt

During the January 1st “Day 1” edition of WWE RAW, Imperium (Giovanni Vinci and Ludwig Kaiser) had a match against Kofi Kingston and Jey Uso.

After a commercial break, the match was suddenly stopped when doctors came in to check on Vinci. Kofi and Jey were declared the winners of the match. A replay was shown of Vinci’s head bouncing on the mat after being hit with a dropkick by Kofi.

In what is be considered a good sign, Vinci was able to walk to the back with help from Kaiser and an official. Kofi wrote “Damn…” on Twitter/X after the match.

Vinci later wrote, “Sto bene. Grazie mille 🙏🏼”. Translated to English, Vinci wrote “I am fine, thank you.”