Prediction made that WWE NXT will “out-perform” AEW Dynamite in viewers at some point

During his Strictly Business podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff discussed NXT’s recent momentum in terms of television viewership

“I’m surprised we haven’t seen it before this. I’m glad we’re seeing it. I’m surprised we haven’t. I think people have to remember, NXT I’d a developmental organization. It isn’t WWE’s biggest, brightest stars, as it is with AEW. You see their top talent on the show regularly. NXT is a developmental company, and I wouldn’t expect it to get the kind of ratings with people that are trying to become stars as it will get when it has people who are established stars on the show. Right now, arguably, Dominik Mysterio is probably not the hottest talent in WWE on the roster. He’s still relatively young and new to the industry and building. He’s probably in the bottom of the first inning in terms of his career. But he’s pretty hot. Now you bring Rey in to support that story, to augment the storyline that’s going on on the main roster and the main shows. Brilliant idea. I’m surprised we hadn’t seen it sooner. But I’m glad we’re seeing it.”

“I think if we continue to see it, I can see, in fact I predicted it last year, or early this year, I said at some point in time, NXT is going to out-perform Dynamite. They’re within about a 100,000 viewers or less of doing that. I predicted it would happen this summer, and I’m gonna stick with that. Let’s get to work, guys.” (quotes courtesy of Colin Tessier)