How WWE reportedly feels about The Judgment Day’s segments on NXT programming

As previously noted, WWE reportedly sees Judgment Day as the “successor” to The Bloodline’s storyline.

According to Mike Johnson of, WWE is “absolutely thrilled” with Judgment Day’s appearances on WWE NXT programming and have internally credited them with increasing television viewership. Brandon Thurson of noted that Dominik Mysterio vs. Wes Lee was the high quarter-hour for NXT on July 18th with the audience growing 21% from the prior quarter-hour to 844,000 viewers. Dominik, who won the North American title in that match, is expected to showcase the title on RAW.

Johnson also stated the following…

“We are told that currently, there are plans in place for at least the next month, possibly longer, for members of Judgment Day to appear regularly on NXT TV as well, beyond the 2023 Great American Bash PPV.”