WWE reportedly sees Judgment Day as the “successor” to The Bloodline’s storyline

As seen during the July 18th 2023 edition of WWE NXT, Dominik Mysterio became the new North American champion. In regards to Judgment Day’s current push on WWE television, Twitter account @WKRDWrestling noted the following…

“WWE see Judgement Day as the successor to The Bloodline’s storyline, in terms of fan interest and longevity. The Judgement Day’s segments frequently gain major interest in the quarter hour ratings and will continue to be a center point of shows moving forward.”

After Dominik’s victory, Judgment Day said the following…

Rhea Ripley: “You’re talking to greatness here. You’re talking to my Latino heat, ‘Dirty’ Dom himself. He’s already surpassed his father, deadbeat dad, and he’s just gonna growing, and growing, and growing, and he’s gonna take over this business. Because he’s part of the Judgment Day, and the Judgment Day, we run all of the WWE.”

Dominik: “Thank you Mami. You’re definitely correct about all that, and now that I can actually speak and not get interrupted by a bunch of deadbeats and has-beens or whatever’s out there, I am the new NXT North American Champion, and now that I think about it, I’m 2-0 here in NXT. Your boy ‘Dirty Dom’ is undefeated, and with the Judgment Day and Mami by my side, it looks like it’s gonna stay that way.” (quotes courtesy of Fightful.com)

Finn Balor is scheduled to challenge Seth Rollins for the RAW world heavyweight title at the 2023 WWE Summerslam PLE.