Plans for Shane McMahon at Wrestlemania 38 have reportedly been dropped

As previously noted, Shane McMahon was one of the producers for the men’s Rumble match and he apparently received some backstage heat.

It was also reported that Shane would be having matches at Elimination Chamber and WWE Wrestlemania 38 but it appears that those plans have been dropped.

Steve Carrier of wrote the following…

“There is a lot going on with Shane McMahon. He is now off RAW, Elimination Chamber, and WrestleMania. A tenured source within the company told us that Vince McMahon is also quietly using the term ‘let go’ to describe the situation… Shane McMahon has been ‘let go.'”

There had been talk about Seth Rollins being an opponent for Shane at Wrestlemania and Carrier noted that prior to the Day 1 PLE, Bobby Lashley was also considered as a opponent for Shane.