Person close to situation says Vince McMahon had ‘no options but to fire’ Shane

As previously noted, it was reported Shane McMahon has been quietly “let go” from WWE after receiving backstage heat for his producing work during the men’s 2022 Royal Rumble match.

In the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer of had additional details regarding what happened backstage with Shane. According to Meltzer, there were “many complaints” about how Shane wanted to build the match around himself. One person close to the situation gave the following statement to Dave Meltzer of…

“Every single story you’ve already heard, multiplied many times over. He was unprofessional the likes of which left VKM (Vincent Kennedy McMahon) no options but to fire him.”

Meltzer noted how Shane was reportedly unprofessional with co-producer James Gibson aka Jamie Noble and was talking down to others as well. Shane was said to have been “visibly very unhappy” when Vince was overruling his ideas for the Rumble match. It was also mentioned that Shane was having disagreements with Brock Lesnar about the end of the match and Vince was siding with Lesnar.

While Shane helped produce the 2022 Rumble and previous matches, it was reiterated that Shane never had an official title with the company and was only contracted as a talent.

Former WWE star Adam Scherr aka Braun Strowman made the following offer to Shane…