People in WWE reportedly high on AEW star that recently signed a contract extension

It was reported by that AEW star Ethan Page, who signed a contract with the company in early 2021, had his deal extended later in the year.

During the Mat Men Podcast, Andrew Zarian noted the following about Page…

“By the way, Ethan Page is another dude that WWE is very high on. They like Ethan Page’s whole deal and I think he’s super hyper talented.”

“I know that Ethan Page has re-signed [with AEW] and he’s there for a while but I know for a fact that there are eyes on him for sure because he’s a guy who is a good looking guy who can cut a great promo. He has that TV look, so you gotta keep a guy like that happy, especially now that he re-signed with you. You gotta do something with him.” (quotes courtesy of