Danhausen comments on being out of action due to injury and his recovery

AEW star Danhausen, who debuted in January, has been recovering from an injury in recent months and has yet to compete inside an AEW ring. During an appearance on the AEW Unrestricted podcast, Danhausen addressed the injury and when he might return to action…

“Recovery is going good. We have wonderful doctors at AEW that help Danhausen every single week. His name is Josh, nice, he has a mustache. Hopefully, one day, when Danhausen recovers he can have a mustache of his own. Danhausen needs a metal rod in his leg, he broken his tibia and fibula. This fellow crashed down on Danhausen’s leg, it snapped in two, he heard a ‘pop, pop,’ and he went, ‘Oh good, this is wonderful,’ and he rolled to the side of the ring, and I believe this is the only time Danhausen has sworn publicly. He went to the hospital, that was nice, had surgery a week later and now every single week we’re trying to recover it, I think we’re getting pretty close. Fingers crossed.”

“Who knows. Should we surprise people? People tweet at Danhausen, ‘When are you wrestling?’ As though he’s going to spoil it. Maybe soon? Hopefully soon. We shall wait for mustache Josh to say so. Soon. Sooner than later.” (quotes courtesy of Fightful.com)