One of CM Punk’s Instagram stories was possibly a shot at Matt Jackson’s wife

Prior to the 2023 ROH Death Before Dishonor PPV, CM Punk shared a photo of an event t-shirt via his Instagram story. Punk included laughing and thinking emojis along with the following caption…

“Absolutely not shocking. How could this happen?”

The printed shirt incorrectly listed Saturday as the day of the event when it was actually Friday. Dave Meltzer of noted that while some shirts were printed up, the error was discovered quickly and and none of those shirts were sold.

Meltzer also stated the following…

“Why he [Punk] did that was unknown, but internally some saw this as a shot at Dana Massie, the wife of Matt [Jackson], who is in charge of AEW merchandise. Whatever it was, it didn’t seem to make any sense to post it and certainly wasn’t good for the public optics.”

Massie’s official title is Chief Marketing & Merchandising Officer for AEW.

CM Punk on IG – ROH PPV incorrect shirt
by u/LoneStarRKO in SquaredCircle