AEW star calls out critics of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre deathmatch from Dynamite

As seen during the August 16th 2023 edition of AEW Dynamite, Jeff Jarrett defeated Jeff Hardy in a “Texas Chainsaw Massacre Deathmatch” that was sponsored by a new TCM board game. The match included an appearance by the horror franchise’s main character Leatherface.

The match received some online criticism from fans and AEW’s Dustin Rhodes addressed it…

“I thought the Texas Chainsaw match was entertaining as f*ck. People saying it was the worst match ever are full of shit. I have that honor. Remember me in the back of a moving 18 wheeler with a cage around? King of the road got no love and in honesty, we did great and it was entertaining. Is that now what we do. Fucking lighten Francis. Jeff Hardy and Jeff Jarrett killed it. They always do, plus I love Leatherface.”

“Wrestling needs Spectacles, storied psychological pro wrestling matches, high flyer matches. Something for everyone. The 1% of the idiots out there just like to bitch and moan. They aren’t real wrestling fans.”