Nikki Cross addresses claim that she is taking a hiatus from WWE after Wrestlemania 39

A WWE fan on Twitter claimed that Nikki Cross will be taking a hiatus from WWE after Wrestlemania 39 to pursue a PHD and here was Nikki’s response…

“Hello. I hope you are well. This is not true. This is the first time I have ever heard about this. Pretty sure I’m a reliable source. If I choose to pursue a PHD after my completing my masters in May, I wouldn’t take time off wrestling. I would do both. Just to clarify.”

Nikki earned her Bachelor’s degree studying History at the University of Glasgow. While appearing on Lilian Garcia’s podcast in 2019, Nikki commented on obtaining a Master’s degree

“I was doing women’s history and American history and also art history. The Master’s [degree] is such a huge undertaking. It’s a massive commitment mentally.” (quote courtesy of