News regarding WWE’s plans for the Wyatt Sicks faction following debut on RAW

After weeks of teases, Uncle Howdy’s “Wyatt Sicks” faction officially debuted on the June 17th 2024 edition of WWE RAW. In regards to plans for the group moving forward, Fightful Select noted the following…

“The group has already been acknowledged on WWE programming by Jey Uso, which we’re told will continue. Even though the group isn’t likely to interact with every program on Raw, it’s expected within the company that the ramifications will be widespread across various programs, with a domino effect on stories that are happening up and down the show. Those we spoke to said that the wide array of talent and people attacked in the story, and the characters who ‘left’ before the show were calculated, planned, and designed for specific reasons.”

24 hours after the segment aired, it had over 25 million views across WWE’s social media accounts…

* 2 million views on YouTube
* 2.8 million views on TikTok
* 1 million views on Facebook
* Over 12 million views on Instagram
* 7.5 million views on Twitter/X