Uncle Howdy’s new faction “The Wyatt Sicks” debuts on the June 17th 2024 edition of WWE RAW

The June 17th 2024 edition of WWE RAW concluded with the arena lights going out and a door appearing by the stage in similar fashion to when Bray Wyatt made his WWE return in 2022. The door opened and a lantern appeared with Nikki Cross crawling on the ground.

Nikki then pointed to the back and viewers saw the Gorilla position area completely dismantled in what looked like a scene from a haunted house attraction. There was blood splattered on the walls and Chad Gable was among the individuals that had been laid out.

Uncle Howdy and multiple individuals in Wyatt-universe costumes/masks appeared on the stage. Howdy said “we’re here” and then blew out the lantern as RAW went off the air.

The group is being called the “Wyatt Sicks.” Click here for the identities of the Howdy faction members.