News regarding the Viking Raiders vignette that aired during the 10/7/22 WWE Smackdown

Sarah Logan, who competed in the 2022 women’s Royal Rumble match, will seemingly be making her return to WWE with the Viking Raiders. Fightful Select noted that the “Valhalla Awaits” vignette from the October 7th 2022 edition of Smackdown was designed to re-introduce Logan to WWE television. Logan wasn’t seen in the video but her voice could be heard.

Fightful stated the following…

“She’s set to be put with Viking Raiders, and we haven’t heard of the extent of plans for her actively competing. There have been numerous pitches from various people over the last couple of years to involve her in the Viking Raiders team, as she’s married to Ivar.”

Erik, who is married to Logan, is currently out of action with a reported a foot injury.