News regarding Bill Goldberg amidst speculation of him potentially working for AEW

Bill Goldberg noted in an interview this past week that anything and everything is an option in regards to his wrestling future now that he is a free agent. According to Dave Meltzer of, Gary Roif (a wrestling promoter in Israel) expressed interest in promoting a Goldberg match in that country and Meltzer wrote the following regarding Goldberg potentially working with Tony Khan and AEW…

“My gut is that Tony Khan would love to do it, although the Sting retirement has to be his priority for this year. I’d think Khan would love to feature Goldberg in some fashion anyway, but Goldberg made so much money for so few matches in his WWE deal, reportedly $2 million for each of his Saudi Arabia matches, and for AEW, that kind of money per match simply isn’t cost-effective.”

AEW world champion MJF commented on a tweet about Goldberg considering a “farewell” tour. MJF wrote “I’d beat the living sh*t out of this roided up jew” but then the tweet was deleted.