New report regarding a creative pitch that Miro allegedly turned down from AEW president Tony Khan

As previously noted, Miro is reportedly healthy and wants to wrestle in AEW but his creative status with the company remains up in the air. It was reported that Miro had turned down a creative pitch from Tony Khan for the 2022 Full Gear PPV and in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer of wrote the following…

“One thing he turned down was losing a Battle Royal where he and Adam Page would have been the last two. Khan had said that after the PPV they’d try and get back and obviously his name hasn’t been mentioned since.”

It’s believed that Miro has around three years left on his AEW contract and it was reported by that he has been spending time in his home country of Bulgaria as of late. Miro also announced that he voices a character in the “Yellowbird” animated short for HBO Max which is currently available to watch.