New details regarding what happened to Rey Mysterio during his match against Santos Escobar

As seen during the July 28th edition of WWE Smackdown, Santos Escobar defeated Rey Mysterio via referee stoppage. Rey was taken down from Escobar’s suicide dive and it was deemed that Rey could not finish the match.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer of discussed what happened to Rey…

“So he’s fine. He did the match with Santos Escobar, and apparently, something happened. I was told that it was a move by Santos Escobar that knocked Rey silly, but he continued to wrestle.”

“It was not the dive. Okay. It may have been. Was there a dive before? Because I was told something about Planche. The dive was the excuse to call the match off. Like when he took the dive, and they were tending to him and everything like that, it’s like they had already planned to stop the match, and that was when they stopped. They stopped the match before the commercial break and everything like that. But when they found out that he had already been dizzy before, he was like selling a way to stop the match. He was not actually knocked out there, but he was dizzy before that. So that’s what I was told about how it went down. I don’t think he had a concussion. I mean, it looked like if you watch on tv, it looked like he did, but it was a precautionary measure. They didn’t know. And yeah, what I basically was told, you know, he got back in the ring after that. I’m told he’s, he’s fine. So that’s good. You know, it looked like it could have been scary when he was laying there ’cause they very rarely stopped the match, you know, stopping a match due to injury is a very rare thing in any of these companies. Even at times when quite frankly, you know, it should be done.” (quotes courtesy of