Naomi comments on Jordynne Grace being part of the 2024 women’s WWE Royal Rumble match

Naomi, who returned to WWE at the 2024 WWE Royal Rumble PLE in the women’s Rumble match, commented on TNA Knockouts champion Jordynne Grace also being part of it. Here is what Naomi had to say while appearing on WWE’s The Bump

“That was my favorite moment of the entire thing, because Jordynne and I’s history over the last few months has just grown and she is one of my favorite people to compete with. She is one-of-a-kind.

So, to be able to share that moment with her, a sister, one of my sisters from TNA, and for us to kind of just go at it the way we did like we do in TNA but to be able to bring that to the WWE stage and to have the fans be receptive and understand what’s going on, that really got me. Because you know, I’m not sure if everyone knew what I was doing on my journey while I was away at TNA, but from the reaction everybody understood and we were all connected in that moment and that was really cool. That’s one of the best moments I’ve ever experienced and I love that I got to share that and do that with her and also you know, as represent for TNA.” (quote courtesy of meraWRESTLING)