Multiple WWE stars reportedly considering their options if Vince McMahon’s involvement continues

As previously noted, Vince McMahon was reportedly “heavily involved” with the 2023 RAW after Wrestlemania 39 following the announcement of WWE being sold to Endeavor. McMahon was said to have made last-minute changes that caused a “huge negative shift in morale” during the broadcast.

According to Fightful Select, there are at least two wrestlers in WWE (one “towards the top of the card”) that said they will likely ask to be released if the trend of McMahon making last-minute changes continues. Another talented reportedly said that they will just “ride out” the rest of their contract with the company. It’s believed that multiple wrestlers are already exploring what their options would be if McMahon continues to be involved with WWE programming on a regular basis.

Fightful also noted the following about talent being frustrated over the situation…

“There were several that said they didn’t even think the changes were creatively poor, but the entire dishonesty of the situation considering that over a dozen of these people had previously been fired under Vince McMahon was a depressing blow.”