More details regarding what WWE had planned to do with Gable Steveson

It was recently noted that “everything is cold” in regards to the WWE status of Olympic gold medalist Gable Steveson. During an appearance on the Sunday Night’s Main Event podcast, Dave Meltzer of commented more on the situation…

“He was supposed to be fast-tracked to main events by now. Like come right out of college and win the NCAAs, which he did. And then go right to WWE top level and that didn’t happen. They are waiting for him to be ready, I guess. There’s been some talk of him going back to college next year, too. I don’t know what’s gonna happen but he’s training. He’s training with Ken Anderson so we’ll see what happens.”

“This is what I was told originally when they first announced the deal.It was [that] he was gonna be the new Brock Lesnar and they were going to send coaches to Minnesota [and] get a place in Minneapolis and during the wrestling season, they were gonna have him also train as a pro wrestler, which probably wasn’t a good idea to do both at the same time. But that was their idea and that he would do scattered RAW’s over the course of the year. Remember they drafted him for RAW and he would make appearances and they would build it up and things like that. And then he ended up not making any appearances and I never heard of them sending trainers to Minneapolis so things changed greatly as the year went on. And then he won the NCAAs again. And then he started training pro wrestling but it was not in Orlando. As far as what’s gonna happen now is anyone’s guess.” (quotes courtesy of