More details on AEW stars recording videos that aired during WWE RAW

As previously noted, AEW’s Bryan Danielson, Chris Jericho, and Paul Wight made cameo appearances on WWE RAW in pre-recorded videos that paid tribute to John Cena.

Dave Meltzer of had additional details and noted that WWE’s Bruce Prichard contacted AEW President Tony Khan…

“The basic story behind this is that on 6/24, Bruce Prichard called Khan and asked about having clips from those three guys as well as Mark Henry for Raw for Cena鈥檚 20th anniversary. Khan felt that it sounded like they were doing a good show and it was a nice deal, and that he and everyone has a lot of respect for Cena. He said he was fine with it but it was up to the talent if they wanted to do the videos.”

The aforementioned AEW names were then contacted about doing the videos by AEW’s Megha Parekh and they agreed. Mark Henry also recorded a video for RAW but it did not air.