MJF’s segment with William Regal from AEW Dynamite described as a “historic promo”

As seen during the October 18th 2022 edition of AEW Dynamite, MJF had an in-ring promo segment with William Regal. MJF brought up how he got a tryout from WWE and Regal was one of the evaluators.

During his podcast, AEW announcer Jim Ross commented on the segment…

“He and MJF’s promo was as good as I’ve heard in years. That’s going through the Attitude Era and the whole nine yards. I was really, really proud of both guys. Regal’s facial expressions are priceless. Sometimes he doesn’t have to say one single word, and you know exactly what he’s thinking in the lay of this land. He’s been a valuable asset and addition to the AEW team, and I thought he helped make MJF, which is the goal. I mean, MJF has the rocket ship tied to him, and one would think it’ll just be a matter of time until he’s the kingpin. The match is booked now with Moxley and MJF, and I’m kind of glad they did it this way because we now have a main event for the next pay-per-view and the right guy is being chauffeured to the top. You’ve gotta do that.”

“I thought that promo was absolute money, especially when you consider they did it without a writer. They didn’t have a script, they didn’t memorize their lines, ‘You say this, you pause, I’ll say that, then I’ll pause. Then we’ll look at each other, and you’ll blink, then I’ll blink.’ F*ck, is that it? Really? That’s your instincts? I just thought those guys did as good of an in-ring promo I can remember hearing. I’m sure I’ve heard others that impacted me as much, but that was a piece of art. That was a historic promo that we’ll look back on someday and say this was the launching pad because I don’t know if MJF is really a babyface or a heel right now. They couldn’t have done any better, and I’m proud of both of those guys.” (quotes courtesy of 411Mania.com)