MJF talks about his WWE history with William Regal during AEW Dynamite

During the October 18th 2022 edition of AEW Dynamite, MJF had an in-ring promo segment with William Regal. MJF brought up how he got a tryout from WWE and Regal was one of the evaluators. According to MJF, Regal thought that MJF was too young at 19 years old but was willing to keep checking out MJF’s matches and promos. MJF claimed that after three months, Regal sent an e-mail to him…

“Here’s the email you sent me. ‘Max, I’m a very, very busy man. I’ve got talent from all over the world to watch, and I’ve just had to sit for minutes watching you.’ And you put this in quotations. ‘Show me your acting skills. Do not reply to this. But how would this make me say, oh, I know. Let’s hire Max. Make a name for yourself in the wrestling world, and you’ll get noticed. That means being a high level performer when you do. Trust me, I’ll know. Unfortunately for you, the game has changed. The WWE exclusively hires the best talent in the world of the top world class athletes. When you’re one of them, then maybe send me your stuff. Your sincerely, William Regal.'”

“When I read that email, I wanted to quit professional wrestling. I wanted to quit my life. Look me in the eyes when I say this, that email made me want to kill myself. And then I realized that if I did, then you and all the naysayers would win. And I couldn’t have that, now, could I, Will? No. No. And my God, have the tables turned. The year is 2022, and you are nothing more but a sad, withered old man who got fired. And now you have snuck into my company like a fleawritten rat by sticking to talents far better than you ever were like a succubus. And you know who I am? I’m MJF oh, yeah. I’m the 26 year old kid who’s on top of this business. I’m a generational talent and I’m also the man who your former employers now would be willing to take several human lives simply to get me to put pen to paper in the bidding war of 2024. I want you to look at me nice and good when I say this Regal, I read that email every single day. But not to put a chip on my shoulder. No, no. I read that email whenever I need a good hearty laugh. Cause that’s what you’ve become to me, Will. Nothing more than a joke. And you know who I’m about to become? The AEW champion of the world. Because my name is Maxwell Jacob Friedman, and I’m better than you and you know it.”

Regal responded to MJF and advised him to not take shortcuts. Regal added that MJF still has a lot to learn.