MJF takes aim at WWE star and says “you’ve been handed the ball multiple times and fell”

In a spoof of Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s Top 500 list, Sheamus tweeted out his “Pro Wrestling Banger Index 2022” with his name listed several times in the top spots. The following exchange then took place…

Happy Corbin: “If you tell people over and over and over and over and over maybe they will believe it.”

Sheamus: “Pro Wrestling Banger Index 2022: 126: Baron Corbin (stats dont lie)”

Happy Corbin: “Thanks for the info. I’m not a mark so I didn’t read the issue. See if you can get Dave to retweet you.”

Sheamus: “Kayfabe bro, kayfabe… real heels wear scarfs.”

MJF: “Sad.”

Sheamus replied to MJF with a GIF of Conor McGregor saying “Who the fook is that guy?” Here was MJF’s response to Sheamus…

“The guy you alluded to. Stop now or I’m gonna devour you. You can rock 6 inch lifts and play top guy, but you’ve been handed the ball multiple times and fell. I’m glad you’re having a resurgence and finally figured out how to get over. It only took you a decade. Took me 1 day.”