Mia Yim opens up about her “professional mental rollercoaster” over the past year

Former WWE star Mia Yim posted the following on her Instagram account…

Long post ahead.

I needed wrestlecon weekend. This photo plus my match was enough for me to get my stuff together. I really let myself go. The past year I’ve been going through a professional mental rollercoaster. The last few months, I stopped caring. I ate whatever, Worked out sporadically, keeping myself busy with real life changes. The thought of wrestling gave me more anxiety (I’m already an anxious person as it is). My mindset was not where it needed to be and it showed on my body. I refused to train in the ring leading up to my first match as the thought had me shaking. I convinced myself I wasn’t good enough, I can’t wrestle and whenever I did, it was trash so what’s the point of training when I suck anyways.

The week of my first match, I contemplated cancelling because the closer it got to the match, the less sleep I got and more doubt crept into my mind. I just wanted to get this weekend over with.

Hearing the crowd chant, having a great match with @athenapalmer_fg , keith [Lee] being there to watch, and seeing people I haven’t seen in years with inspiring words before and after the match was what I needed. To all my friends and fans, thank you for reigniting that fire in me. Thank you for helping me realize I am not shit and I still got something to offer in wrestling. You all reminded me why I love wrestling and that I am good enough for it. I love you all and I promise you, we only going up from here. Let’s get back to work 💪

Ps: @sheltyb803 you still suck, hope you trip on the stairs.


📸 Brad Buchholtz