Mercedes Mone still expected to debut with AEW despite WWE Royal Rumble speculation

As previously noted, talks between WWE and Mercedes Mone (Sasha Banks) for a return reportedly fell through and it was reported that she could be officially joining AEW in early 2024.

Mercedes did not appear on the January 3rd 2024 edition of AEW Dynamite which led to internet speculation that she’ll be a surprise entrant in the 2024 women’s WWE Royal Rumble match. Dave Meltzer of noted the following regarding the situation with Mercedes’ potential AEW debut…

“My gut is that if she is to debut, while they may not mention her name, and probably wouldn’t, but they would hint of a major debut or make a special announcement that something big will be on the show ahead of time. We do know that the expectation is she will be in AEW fairly soon, but until a contract signing is confirmed, anything can happen.”

Earlier this week, Mercedes wrote “This year gonna be fun” as an Instagram story.